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MAR 2017

   On March 2, 2017, Feltrin Seeds, in partnership with Copercampos, Held a field day of Tomato Janaína in the municipality of Caçador / SC, the main productive pole of tomatoes in the state. Tomaticultores of reference in productivity and quality of all the region participated, including producers who are planting Janaína Tomato and producers who came to know the material and confirm the excellent result obtained by the hybrid in the region..

   The Janaína Tomato is a material that has been standing out in the fields of Caçador/SC and region for bringing several benefits to the producers like : Excellent productivity, quality, firmness of the fruits, great caliber and also for its complete package of resistance to various diseases. Lucas Pessoa de Freitas(Sales Supervisor of Feltrin), Emphasizes that the factors that most impressed the producers were the excellent caliber of fruits even in the pointer of the plant and the sanity of the material, virtues that differentiate Tomato Janaína from the other hybrids currently planted in Caçador and neighboring municipalities.

   The partnership between Feltrin and Copercampos aims to bring farmers of the whole region hybrids of quality vegetables, giving the producers of Caçador, Lebon Régis and Calmon better fruit quality, combined with a better production stability. Producers of the region perceived in Tomato Janaína the ideal hybrid to raise their levels of productivity.

    ADVANTAGES OF CULTIVAR: Fruit of excellent caliber, great filling of pointer. Complete package of resistance / tolerance to diseases and high productive potential.

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