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FEV 2017
Field Day of Papaya T2 in Jandaíra-RN

Feltrin Sementes, together with his partner Terra Fértil, in Mossoró-RN, held a Field Day in the city of Jandaíra-RN, to present the potential and differentials of Papaya T2.
Papaya exporters and producers from the region of Baraúna-RN, Assu-RN and Ceará-CE were present.
The material presented stands out for its precocity, high productivity, excellent taste and high Brix content. In addition, Papaya T2 presents very firm and heavy fruits, which guarantees a post harvest of up to 3 days more than its main competitor.
As the main characteristics the Papaya T2 has resistance and tolerance to the major diseases that reach the papaya’s crops in the region.

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